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Afghan Kush

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Afghan Kush is a potent Indica dominant marijuana strain. Without any human interference, the Afghan Kush strain grew all on its own in the wild which makes it an excellent example of a Landrace strain. It means, this strain developed based on evolution instead of endless decades of cultivation and crossbreeding.

This incredibly well-known strain comes from the Hindu Kush mountain range.

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Afghan Kush strain is well worth it as this is the well-known, purely Indica Landrace strain available which is perfect for you if you want a perfect and peaceful sleep or just want to chill out to some music.

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Afghan Kush aka Afghani Kush For Sale Online:

One of the reasons why so many people prefer Afghan Kush is this strain is a really interesting blend of unique characteristics.

In addition to producing a specific type of super clean high, the Afghan Kush strain also packs an exciting blend of cannabinoids.

We have this unique strain for sale online in the UK, USA, and Canada at a low price.

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Aroma And Flavor Of Afghan Kush Marijuana Strain:

Afghan Kush strain emits a perfect hash aroma with sweet and piny tones.

Its taste matches its fragrance and is Hash Sweet and Pine-like. The smoke is smooth and sweet when this strain is combusted.

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Afghan Kush Weed Strain Effects:

The high will seep into your body very quickly from the moment you first inhale the Afghan Kush strain.

Pouring through your very bones and instantly soothing and calming you, you will feel a significant rush of sensations instead of the mental rush. You will feel like you need to find a comfortable and convenient surface to fall asleep immediately.

This strain induces the following effects:

  • Appetite
  • Sleep
  • Relaxation

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Medical Uses Of Afghan Kush Cannabis Strain:

Afghan Kush is commonly used for treating the following medical conditions:

  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Chronic Pain
  • Fatigue

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Afghan Kush Weed Grow Information:

Afghan Kush strain is incredibly easy to grow and it can thrive even in adverse conditions.

To get a higher yield, you must give it care through trimming.

The plant has a flowering time of 5-7 weeks when grown with care and love giving a yield of 3-6 (Oz/Ft)².


Afghan Kush Packs 21% THC levels and 6% CBD levels.

Terpene Profile:

It has a high concentration of Myrcene. The other major terpenes found in the Afghan Kush strain include Caryophyllene and Pinene.

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Afghan Kush is an ideal strain when it comes to historic and culturally significant strains. You will be missing one of the great experiences of the culture if you pass up the chance to try the Afghan Kush strain out when offered. So don’t miss the chance and buy top-quality pure Afghan Kush strain online only from “Psychedelic Official“.

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