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Belonging to the fungi family Psilocybe Cubensis, the Apex magic mushroom is a newly discovered strain in the mushroom world armed with a piece of very less information.

It is considered to be developed by crossing Albino Penis Envy with some other Psilocybe Cubensis strain.


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Magic Mushrooms:

APEX mushrooms are the type of magic mushrooms.

“The mushrooms containing hallucinogenic substances, Psilocybin, and Psilocin, are known as the magic mushrooms”.

These magic mushrooms have been consumed by pepper for thousands of years. On Earth, there are over 75 subtropical species of magic mushrooms and many species look similar so that is hard to differentiate between them.

Consuming the magic mushrooms provides an altered state of consciousness to the consumer due to hallucinogens Psilocin and Psilocybin that are present in the magic mushrooms.


Appearance Of APEX Magic Mushrooms:

As compared to its Albino Penis Envy lineage, the appearance of Apex shrooms is kind of overwhelming. These shrooms have light-colored stems which are moderately thick and slightly pale golden caps.


APEX Magic Mushrooms Effects:

The potency of Apex shrooms is on the stronger side due to their genetics. They have a high strength which is why these magic mushrooms are not recommended for first-time users in high doses.

APEX magic mushrooms are known to give high levels of euphoria and a period of losing touch with time.

The concept of time may bend to a new dimension where you will find yourself with new contemplations about life and some new ideas.

With euphoria and excitement, you will feel your mood enhanced after 10 minutes to 30 minutes of consuming APEX magic mushrooms. You will experience mild to intense visual enhancements. The nature around you will feel more alive as the things may seem like they are breathing. You will find yourself in introspective thoughts.


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Dose Directions:

Museum dose 0.5-1.5g
Medium dose 2-3.5g
High dose 4g-6g


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This strain on the higher side is extremely potent and can put you into a state where you may find yourself with some new ideas, insights, and even some mediative moments about life.

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