Cannabis Cheese Crackers



Cannabis Cheese Crackers

These Cannabis Cheese Crackers are not for a beginner. This cheese cracker is a high potency edible and is low in calories making it one edible that offers both ends of the health and high spectrum. Each package of the cheese crackers consists of the following amounts: 514 mg of THC, 18.9 mg of cannabidiol, 8.4 mg of THCA, 13 mg of cannabinol. As far as the taste is concerned, we can say that it tastes like a mix of butter, salt, cheese and cannabis with cheese flavor. It might be little difficult to chuck down the cracker without a glass of water. The taste of cannabis indicates its potency. This product is best suited for high tolerance patients. Each individual cracker has about 25 mg of THC. After eating one cracker wait for about 30 to 40 minutes if you are not sure about what it can do. It is definitely a different edible than the sweet taste ones because for the high THC levels.


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